Emigrant Stories

Life stories of individuals or families that emigrated from Coll and settled in the British mainland or in overseas countries.
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No. Year Outline Source
1. 1835 Pastoral Pioneers: The Campbell Brothers. The stories of Neil, Alexander and Archibald Campbell of Coll who were pioneer farmers in Tasmania and Victoria in the early 1800s. The Australasian (Melbourne, Victoria)
2. 1847 Newspaper reports of Colin Campbell, formerly of Caolis, Coll, now resident in Australia, visiting Scotland and liaising with the Duke of Argyll to re-home destitute tenants in Canada or Australia. (After prospering in Australia, Colin Campbell purchased three Scottish estates: Achnacloich in Lorne and Caolis and Cornaig in Coll - see 3.) Melbourne Argus (Victoria, Australia);
Port Philip Gazette and Settler's Journal
(Victoria, Australia)
3. 1895 A Scottish Cattle and Sheep Station records the visit from Australia of Colin Campbell Buchanan, grandson of Colin Campbell (2), to his estate of Caolis, Coll. The article notes the compassion of the grandfather, Colin Campbell, in allowing families evicted from the central part of Coll to resettle in his Cornaig estate. Geelong Advertiser (Victoria, Australia)
4. 1894 Death of an Old Colonist. The story of Euphemia (Effie) McLean, a descendant of Maclean of Coll, who emigrated with her husband and their two young sons to Australia in 1838. The Warrnambool Examiner (Victoria, Australia)
5. 1905 Mary McLean, sister of Effie McLean (4), emigrated to Australia as a widow with her two children in 1855. Her daughter Phemie later married Alexander John McLean, son of her sister Effie. The Beulah Record (Victoria, Australia)
6. 1915 Death of a Pioneer. The story of Alexander John McLean, son of Effie McLean (4), who emigrated to Australia as an infant in 1838 and in 1857 married his first cousin Phemie, daughter of Mary McLean (5). The Hamilton Spectator (Victoria, Australia)
7. 1875 Alexander MacLean (MacLean of Coll 1861-1875) and his younger brother William Hector emigrated to Natal, South Africa, in 1849 and traded with neighbouring Zululand. Alexander died in Natal in 1875 aged 47. In Search of a Forgotten Grave
Alexander MacLean of Coll 1827-1875
A Personal Quest
by Colin Garvie